It All Starts in the Kitchen

After years of honing his craft at Toledo-area country clubs, Chef Larry Croy got his start in the restaurant business in 1981 with the purchase of Joe Braden’s Supper Club. Eight years later, Larry and his wife Luann opened Croy’s Supper Club at a new location in Perrysburg, OH. It grew into a wildly popular local establishment known for its excellent food, exceptional service, and welcoming atmosphere.

Legendary Supper Club

Croy’s Supper Club became so popular that the most dedicated patrons were known to dine-in multiple times a week. Enamored by Larry’s cooking and specifically his homemade dressings, many asked if they could take home samples of the house dressing. And with that, Garlic Expressions was born in 1993.

Retail Launch

As luck would have it, Larry’s father-in-law owned local grocery chain Kazmaier’s Market, which were the first retail stores to carry the product. After receiving overwhelming positive feedback, Larry partnered with his son Mark to form LarMar Foods, Inc. and started bottling it at a larger scale in the back of the supper club.

Upholding Tradition

Now, almost 30 years later, we proudly produce Garlic Expressions at our own facility in Perrysburg, Ohio. Available nationwide and still 100% family-owned and operated, we continue to uphold the principles that made Croy’s Supper Club a success: a steadfast commitment to our customers and employees.
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